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SPC2500 Metric Wrapped V- Belt - SPC - 2530mm O. C.

by Bestorq
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SKU SPC2500 Bestorq

Murdock may hold inventory for this product from other manufacturers purchased before we started transitioning to a Bestorq only product offering. We may fill your order with the same product number supplied by a different manufacturer (ie. Thermoid or DnD Global). We will ensure that there is only one vendor per line item on your order.

Metric V-Belts - SPC Style

  • Single, wrapped V-belts give premium belt performance. The belts are constructed of highly engineered, high performance components. The components are manufactured using the latest in belt technologyavailable on a global basis.
  • All belts of a size are manufactured to run as a matched set, i.e. any 8V2000 belt will run as a matched set with any other 8V2000 belt.
  • The outer fabric wrap is treated with highly oil and heat resistant, engineered synthetic rubber compound, specifically compounded for excellent wear resistance, proven through thousands of hours of testing.
  • The helically wound tensile cords are specially engineered, twisted, heat and chemically set, polyester material. Testing has proven that the tensile decay properties of the cord are truly World Class.
  • The body rubber compound is a highly engineered synthetic rubber compound, specially compounded for cool running, flexibility, crack resistance, and excellent bonding to the outer fabric and tensile cords
  • The belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels. They are designed to perform at the identical or higher level than all other major USA Manufacturer's belts of the same type. All 3L, A or 4L, B or 5L, C, D, 3V, 5V and 8V belts are manufactured to meet RMA standards for length and dimensions. All belts of a given size are manufactured to run interchangeably in a matched set. (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 9J, 15J, and 25J belts are manufactured to fit ISO standard dimension multi-groove pulleys.)
Optimizing Your Belt Drive Efficiency:

Part Number Top Width
Angle Outside Circumference (O.C.)
SPC2120 22mm 18mm 40 2150mm
SPC2360 22mm 18mm 40 2390mm
SPC2500 22mm 18mm 40 2530mm
SPC2650 22mm 18mm 40 2680mm
SPC2800 22mm 18mm 40 2830mm
SPC2950 22mm 18mm 40 2980mm
SPC3000 22mm 18mm 40 3030mm
SPC3150 22mm 18mm 40 3180mm
SPC3350 22mm 18mm 40 3380mm
SPC3550 22mm 18mm 40 3580mm
SPC3750 22mm 18mm 40 3780mm
SPC4000 22mm 18mm 40 4030mm
SPC4250 22mm 18mm 40 4280mm
SPC4500 22mm 18mm 40 4530mm
SPC4750 22mm 18mm 40 4780mm
SPC5000 22mm 18mm 40 5030mm
SPC5300 22mm 18mm 40 5330mm
SPC5600 22mm 18mm 40 5630mm
SPC6000 22mm 18mm 40 6030mm
SPC6300 22mm 18mm 40 3660mm
SPC6700 22mm 18mm 40 6730mm
SPC6875 22mm 18mm 40 6905mm
SPC7100 22mm 18mm 40 7130mm
SPC7500 22mm 18mm 40 7530mm
SPC8000 22mm 18mm 40 8030mm
SPC8250 22mm 18mm 40 8280mm
SPC8500 22mm 18mm 40 8530mm
SPC9000 22mm 18mm 40 9030mm
SPC10000 22mm 18mm 40 10030mm
SPC10600 22mm 18mm 40 10630mm