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F406 Alemite Manual Pumps - standard Duty Transfer Pump - Drum size: 15 to 55 Gallons

by Alemite
SKU F406 Alemite


Alemite Grease Pumps - Manual Pumps - Others

  • Alemite Manual Pumps are simple to operate and require no electricity or compressed air. Alemite offers a variety of models fitting 25 Lb. pails up to 400 Lb. drums.
  • 6796 Telescoping Barrel Pump
  • Telescoping suction tube fits all containers up to 55 gallon drums
  • Floating check valve allows liquids to drain back from pump when not in use
  • F401 Rotary Pump
  • Telescoping tube fits 16 and 55 gallon drums
  • F406 standard Duty Transfer Pump
  • Handles lubricants, solvents, industrial chemicals, additives and non-corrosive liquids

Part Number Description Drum size Delivery Fluids Weight
6796 Professional Duty Transfer Pump up to 55 Gallons 12 oz. per stroke Lubricants, solvents, thinners, automotive additives, chemicals, non-corrosive liquids 5 Lb.
F401 Rotary Pump 16 and 55 Gallons 8.5 oz. per stroke Variety of petroleum products 15 Lb.
F406 Transfer Pump 15 to 55 Gallons NA Lubricants, sovlents, industrial chemicals, additives and non-corrosive liquids 5.4 Lb.