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48925 Alemite Manifold Block - 3/8" Plug for End Port

by Alemite
SKU 48925 Alemite


Alemite Centralized Lubrication - Oil Mist - Accessories

  • Alemite Oil Mist Systems are used to service all types of machine elements that require continuous lubrication, such as rolling element bearings and chain drives. Delivering a continuous, measured stream of clean atomized oil, Alemite Oil Mist Systems have no moving parts for long, reliable life. Alemite Oil Mist Systems use less lubricant, making them a very cost effective option for continuous, automatic lubrication.
  • Manifold Blocks - Simplify system piping installation, 2 clamps included 3/8" NPT(f) end ports, 1/8" NPT(f) outlets

Part Number Description
381192-2 2 ports
381193-2 3 ports
381173-2 4 ports (180 deg.)
381190-2 8 ports (90 deg.)
381174-2 8 ports (180 deg.)
1480 1/8" plug for unused outlets
48925 3/8" plug for end port
385662-A1 Clear acrylic sight glass provides visual check of condensed oil. Brass "snap" valve permits quick draining and closes when released. Used on both manifold blocks and bearing housing drains Equipped with 1/2" NPT (m) adapter
388034 Allows filling under pressure, reduces spillage, keeps dirt out of reservoir. Manual pump (7181-4) holds 3.7 gallons of oil. 7' hose assembly (380696) comes with filter and loader
6777-5 Facilitates the transport of manual refill pump kit (388034) and reduces operator fatigue
388415 Recommended for versions equipped with oil refill assembly (C and D)
387714 Collects excess condensed oil-mist
387613 Collects excess condensed oil-mist