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Happy New Year ❄️Welcome to Wholesale Conveyor Belt Parts done right.
Happy New Year ❄️Welcome to Wholesale Conveyor Belt Parts done right.

32302-D Alemite Oil Mist Modular Generator - 3 Gallon - 230 V - 2.3 CFM - Version D

Original price $11,758.82
Original price $11,758.82 - Original price $11,758.82
Original price $11,758.82
Current price $10,582.94
$10,582.94 - $10,582.94
Current price $10,582.94
SKU 32302-D Alemite
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Alemite Centralized Lubrication - Oil Mist Modular Generators - 3 Gallon

  • Increases service life of equipment by reducing component wear
  • Contributes to an increase in production availability
  • Significantly reduces bearing wear and temperature
  • Lowers lubricant consumption, often by 80% or more
  • Lubricates hard-to-reach points
  • No moving parts to wear out
Included Components Versions
Air Mist Head with Loader Fittings
Pressure Relief Valve
Mist Pressure Gauge
Integrated Air Inlets Assembly with
Moisture Separator and Air Pressure Regulator
Oil Level Sight Glass with Thermometer
3-Gal Oil Reservoir
Oil Heater with High Temperature Limit Switch
Cleanout Door for Easy Cleaning of the Tank
Hi-Lo Oil Level Float Switch with
Oil Refill Warning Capability
High and Low Mist Pressure Switches with
Warning Capabilities
Audible and Visual Alarms with Stacked Lights
Steel Mounting Plate
Control Box, NEMA 4, 115/230V
Oil Refill Assembly consisting of
Soleniod Valve, Filter, and Switch for Automated Oil Refill
Air Heater and Air Temperature Controller

    • Manual refill bucket pump assembly (PN 388034) simplifies filling
      Hi-Lo oil level float switch allows for connection to
      external signal devices by means of interposing relay
    • Mounting Plate
    • Alarm Annunciator with Stacked Lights
    • Mist Pressure Switch
    • Control Box
    • Automatic Oil Refill Capability
    • Note: Use of optional automatic refill pump kit
      (388415) highly recommended
    • Air Heater
    • Temperature Controller
    • Oil Refill Assembly

Part Number Voltage CFM Version
31151-A 115V 1 CFM A
31151-B 115V 1 CFM B
31151-C 115V 1 CFM C
31151-D 115V 1 CFM D
31151-E 115V 1 CFM E
31152-A 115V 2.3 CFM A
31152-B 115V 2.3 CFM B
31152-C 115V 2.3 CFM C
31152-D 115V 2.3 CFM D
31152-E 115V 2.3 CFM E
31154-A 115V 4.3 CFM A
31154-B 115V 4.3 CFM B
31154-C 115V 4.3 CFM C
31154-D 115V 4.3 CFM D
31154-E 115V 4.3 CFM E
31159-A 115V 9.7 CFM A
31159-B 115V 9.7 CFM B
31159-C 115V 9.7 CFM C
31159-D 115V 9.7 CFM D
31159-E 115V 9.7 CFM E
32301-A 230V 1 CFM A
32301-B 230V 1 CFM B
32301-C 230V 1 CFM C
32301-D 230V 1 CFM D
32301-E 230V 1 CFM E
32302-A 230V 2.3 CFM A
32302-B 230V 2.3 CFM B
32302-C 230V 2.3 CFM C
32302-D 230V 2.3 CFM D
32302-E 230V 2.3 CFM E
32304-A 230V 4.3 CFM A
32304-B 230V 4.3 CFM B
32304-C 230V 4.3 CFM C
32304-D 230V 4.3 CFM D
32304-E 230V 4.3 CFM E
32309-A 230V 9.7 CFM A
32309-B 230V 9.7 CFM B
32309-C 230V 9.7 CFM C
32309-D 230V 9.7 CFM D
32309-E 230V 9.7 CFM E