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079704 La-Co Precision Spout Oiler Lubricating Oil - (Case of 24)

$52.48 (Unit Price: $2.18 each)
SKU 079704 La-Co Markal


La-Co / Markal - Chemicals - Lubricants - Precision Spout Oiler Lubricating Oil
  • When equipment is in hard-to-reach places, professionals use the Precision Spout Oiler to get the job done. With a specially designed telescoping spout, LA-CO's Precision Spout Oiler can reach up to 13" to lubricate motors, bearings, and more.
  • Lubrication
Surface Uses:
  • General purpose lubricating
  • Rotating and reciprocating equipment, bearings, motors, and slides
  • Special telescoping spout lubricates hard-to-reach areas up to 14 inches away
  • Premium grade oil is excellent for all general purpose lubricating

Part Number Quantity
079704 Case of 24