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UCM36 SP / UCM36SPSS24 - Flexco Clipper 316L Stainless Steel 24" Unibar Fasteners/Hooks - Without Pins - 01322 - .063" to .093" (1/16" to 3/32") Belt Thickness

by Flexco
SKU UCM36SPSS24 Flexco #01322


Flexco Clipper® Wire Hook System - Unibar 24" Fasteners / Hooks - 316L Stainless Steel - without Pins

Since its inception, the Clipper® Wire Hook System has earned a reputation for continued innovation and proven performance. Clipper wire hooks have been designed with a variety of different wire diameters, leg and point lengths, metals, strip lengths and styles, such as Unibar® and carded. All are readily available to meet your individual application needs.

The double-staggered grip pattern gives wire hooks exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity of the belt carcass. Todays splices also have a very low profile, making them increasingly more compatible with conveyor components and compliant with the need for reduced operating noise.

Each Box Contains:
  • 24" strips - 12 strips per box (without Pins)
  • Package and Parts Handling, General Manufacturing, Commercial Laundry, Food Processing, Agriculture, Filter Media
  • Unibar® fasteners are formed by welding each Clipper® hook to a common bar.
  • Welded bar creates a stable strip of fasteners to eliminate damage during handling.
  • Patented Safety Strip covers the hook points to protect fingertips, yet is easily removed prior to lacing.
  • Hook legs are held parallel to simplify "meshing" of belt ends and the insertion of connecting pins.
  • The risk of a single hook disengaging is significantly reduced, particularly important in the food industry.
  • The welded bar creates a flat, finished splice so belt "wave" is eliminated.
  • Under abusive applications, Unibar spreads shock loads to protect individual hooks.
  • Unibar fasteners can be easily cut to the appropriate length, or ordered in special lengths up to 60" (1500 mm). They are not recommended for bias splices, troughed belts where common bar breakage is a concern, and where special metals are required.
Size Selection Chart:
  • Please use this chart to determine the size you need.

Part Number Hook Size Belt Thickness Wire Diameter
UCM36 SLXSP / UCM36SLXSPSS24 UCM36 SLXSP .047" to .063" (3/64" to 1/16") .036" x .027"
UCM36 SLSP / UCM36SLSPSS24 UCM36 SLSP .063" to .093" (1/16" to 3/32") .036" x .027"
UCM36 XSP / UCM36XSPSS24 UCM36 XSP .047" to .063" (3/64" to 1/16") .036" x .027"
UCM36 SP / UCM36SPSS24 UCM36 SP .063" to .093" (1/16" to 3/32") .036" x .027"
UCM36 / UCM36SS24 UCM36 .093" to .125" (3/32" to 1/8") .036" x .027"
UCM36LP / UCM36LPSS24 UCM36LP .125" to .156" (1/8" to 5/32") .036" x .027"
UCM36LLSP / UCM36LLSPSS24 UCM36LLSP .063" to .093" (1/16" to 3/32") .036" x .027"
UCM36LL / UCM36LLSS24 UCM36LL .093" to .125" (3/32" to 1/8") .036" x .027"