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SPBX2300 Cogged Metric Wrapped V- Belt - SPBX - 2322mm O. C.

by Bestorq
SKU SPBX2300 Bestorq


Cogged Metric V-Belts - SPBX Style

  • Single, raw edge notched V-belts give premium belt performance. The belts are constructed of highly engineered, high performance components. The components are made using the latest in belt technology available on a global basis. The "X" in the part number refers to higher load ratings than standard wrapped belts.
  • All belts of a size are manufactured to run as a matched set, i.e. any 5VX900 belt will run as a matched set with any other 5VX900 belt.
  • The lower, compression section of the belt is made of highly fiber reinforced, oil and heat resistant, engineered synthetic rubber compound, specifically compounded for excellent wear resistance, cool running, flexibility, and has been proven through thousands of hours of testing. The rubber directly surrounding the tensile member cables is also fiber reinforced and compounded for great adhesion to the tensile member cords. The top fabric is a specially woven, synthetic-natural fiber blend. The notches are engineered to allow the belts to have superior flex characteristics on smaller and larger diameter pulleys.
  • The helically wound tensile cords are specially engineered, twisted, heat and chemically set, polyester material. Testing has proven that the tensile decay properties of the Premier Cord are truly World Class.
  • The belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels. They are designed to perform at the identical or higher level than all other major USA Manufacturer's belts of the same type. All AX, BX, CX, 3VX and 5VX belts are manufactured to meet RMA standards for length and dimensions. All belts of a given size are manufactured to run interchangeably in a matched set. (SPZX, SPAX, SPBX, and SPCX belts are manufactured to fit ISO standard dimension multi-groove pulleys.)
Optimizing Your Belt Drive Efficiency:

Part Number Top Width
Angle Outside Circumference (O.C.)
SPBX1250 16mm 13mm 40 1272mm
SPBX1260 16mm 13mm 40 1282mm
SPBX1270 16mm 13mm 40 1292mm
SPBX1285 16mm 13mm 40 1307mm
SPBX1320 16mm 13mm 40 1342mm
SPBX1340 16mm 13mm 40 1362mm
SPBX1360 16mm 13mm 40 1382mm
SPBX1400 16mm 13mm 40 1422mm
SPBX1410 16mm 13mm 40 1432mm
SPBX1450 16mm 13mm 40 1472mm
SPBX1500 16mm 13mm 40 1522mm
SPBX1510 16mm 13mm 40 1532mm
SPBX1590 16mm 13mm 40 1612mm
SPBX1600 16mm 13mm 40 1622mm
SPBX1620 16mm 13mm 40 1642mm
SPBX1627 16mm 13mm 40 1649mm
SPBX1690 16mm 13mm 40 1712mm
SPBX1700 16mm 13mm 40 1722mm
SPBX1750 16mm 13mm 40 1772mm
SPBX1800 16mm 13mm 40 1822mm
SPBX1900 16mm 13mm 40 1922mm
SPBX2000 16mm 13mm 40 2022mm
SPBX2020 16mm 13mm 40 2042mm
SPBX2060 16mm 13mm 40 2082mm
SPBX2098 16mm 13mm 40 2120mm
SPBX2120 16mm 13mm 40 2142mm
SPBX2150 16mm 13mm 40 2172mm
SPBX2180 16mm 13mm 40 2202mm
SPBX2240 16mm 13mm 40 2262mm
SPBX2280 16mm 13mm 40 2302mm
SPBX2300 16mm 13mm 40 2322mm
SPBX2360 16mm 13mm 40 2382mm
SPBX2391 16mm 13mm 40 2413mm
SPBX2410 16mm 13mm 40 2432mm
SPBX2650 16mm 13mm 40 2672mm
SPBX3200 16mm 13mm 40 3222mm
SPBX3350 16mm 13mm 40 3372mm
SPBX3550 16mm 13mm 40 3572mm
SPBX3750 16mm 13mm 40 3772mm
SPBX4250 16mm 13mm 40 4272mm
SPBX4500 16mm 13mm 40 4522mm