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RSTK4-6 Flexco (6"/150 mm) Alligator Ready Set Tool Kit - 54634

by Flexco
SKU RSTK4-6 Flexco #54634


Flexco Alligator® Ready Set Staple System - Staple Tool Kit

Everything you need to install, maintain, and repair Alligator Ready Set Staple splices. Kit includes the RSC187 tool described above, as well as the staple final set plate, hand skiver, belt marker, belt nippers, and 1 lb. (.45 kg) hammer. Packaged in a durable box with plenty of room for other items.

Each Kit Contains:
  • RSC187 tool
  • Staple Final Set Plate
  • Hand Skiver
  • Belt Marker
  • Belt Nippers
  • 1 lb. (.45 kg) Hammer
  • Package and Parts Conveying, Food and Sanitary Contact, Agricultural Harvesting and Handling, Recycling and Scrap Handling, Wood Products
  • Individual Alligator Ready Set Installation Tools also available.
  • RSC187-6 6" Installation Tool
  • RSC187-12 12" Installation Tool
Flexco Alligator® Ready Set Staple System (PDF)

Part Number Description
RSTK4-6 6" Installation Kit
RSTK4-12 12" Installation Kit