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B336770 Alemite Grease Gun Accessory Injector Needle for Sealed Bearing and CV Joints

by Alemite
SKU B336770 Alemite


Alemite - Grease Guns Accessories - Adapters, Extensions and Injector Needles

  • Alemite offers a large selection of high quality accessories to ensure durable, reliable performance.

Part Number Description
B6278 Swivel Adapter, 10,000 psi working pressure
6248-1 Flexible Extension Adapter, 11-1/2" 1,000 psi working pressure
B6239 Hydraulic Push Type Adapter
B6238 90 deg. Angle Adapter
B203 90 deg. Angle Adapter
B201 Narrow Needle Nose Adapter, 1-1/2" Length
B202 Narrow Needle Nose Adapter, 4" Length
B6783 Needle Nose Adapter
B205 360° Adapter, 7,000 psi working pressure, 8 positions
6778 Rigid/Flexible Extension, 13-1/2", 5,000 psi working pressure
B336770 Injector Needle for sealed bearing and CV joints
B200 Injector Needle for sealed bearings