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8553-2 Alemite Pneumatic Standard Duty Grease and Undercoating Portable H Pump - Material Outlet: 3/8" NPTF(f) - Container/Drum size: 35Lb

by Alemite
SKU 8553-2 Alemite


Alemite Chemical and Material Handling Pumps - Undercoating Pumps

  • Alemite Chemical and Material Handling pumps provide the capabilities and versatility needed for various applications. They are designed to deliver materials from original or bulk storage containers to the point of application.
  • Alemite Undercoating Pumps spray materials using air atomizing or airless spray systems. Common applications include spraying adhesives, roof coatings, and similar uses.
  • Double toggle air valve trip mechanism prevents binding or stalling
  • Corrosion resistant chrome finish on piston rods reduces packing wear
  • 2-7/16" air motor
  • 1/4" NPSI air inlet
  • Material outlet 3/8" NPTF(f)

Part Number Description Drum size Pump Ratio Delivery Included items Weight
331571-A5 Stationary H Pump 120 Lb. 26:1 5.25 Lb. / minute NA 34 Lb.
331571-B5 Stationary H Pump 400 Lb. 26:1 5.25 Lb. / minute NA 23 Lb.
331571-C5 Stationary H Pump 35 Lb. 26:1 5.25 Lb. / minute NA 29 Lb.
8553-2 Portable H Pump 35 Lb. 26:1 5.25 Lb. / minute Cover (338166), 25' Hose (317875-25), Z Swivel (B52752), Control Valve (6320-3) 50 Lb.


Alemite Grease Pumps - Pneumatic standard Duty - Portable

  • Alemite Grease pumps are designed to handle a wide range of applications, fluid viscosities and system pressures. Combined with Alemite Hose Reels, Dispensing Valves and Meters, Alemite Grease Pumps deliver lubricant from tanks, drums, totes and pails.
  • Alemite Portable H Pumps are designed for intermittent use in medium or high pressure industrial applications, providing easy portability. Double acting H Pumps handle lightweight and fibrous lubricants.
  • 1/4" NPSI air inlet
  • Versatile, durable pump which will deliver a range of light to heavy fluids

Part Number Material Outlet Pump Ratio Delivery Follower Container size Cover Weight
8541-5 3/8" NPTF(f) 70:1 1.8 Lb./minute 338802 (included) 120 Lb. 338371 57 Lb.
8553-2 3/8" NPTF(f) 26:1 0.75 Gal/minute N/A 35 Lb. 338166 41 Lb.