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8079-D Alemite Shielded Reels - Oil - Connecting Hose Inlet, 1/2"(m) - Delivery Hose Outlet, 1/2"(m) - Delivery Hose Specification, 1/2" x 50' (317813-50) - Max Pressure, 1,500 PSI

by Alemite
SKU 8079-D Alemite


Alemite Shielded Reels - Oil

  • When ordering shielded reels, the cabinets and panels must be ordered separately as shown in the Cabinets table. Order a separate cabinet for each reel. The reel product number only includes the reel and hose specified. It does not include the cabinets or panels.
  • Please click here for available Shielded Reel Cabinents.
  • Alemite Shielded Reels are ideal for when your workplace is in view of customers and a clean appearance is expected. These reels offer looks and performance to meet the needs of your shop. Placed together in a bank, Alemite Shielded Reels feature a track system for easy installation.
  • Stain and impact resistant ABS polymer side panels
  • Attractive casing for enhanced professional look
  • Track system for quick and easy installation
  • Roller guides attached to the hose reel for convenient servicing
  • Compatability - Oil, grease, air, water

Part Number Bare Reel Max Pressure Delivery Hose
Connecting Hose Connecting Hose Inlet Delivery Hose Outlet Weight
8079-C 7335-D 1,500 PSI 1/2" x 30' (317813-30) 317813-2 1/2"(m) 1/2"(m) 73 Lb.
8079-D 7335-D 1,500 PSI 1/2" x 50' (317813-50) 317813-2 1/2"(m) 1/2"(m) 75 Lb.
7335-D 7335-D 1,500 PSI NA NA NA NA 50 Lb.