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715501-KM Alemite Al-1 Injector Accessory - AL-1 Injector Overhaul Kit

by Alemite
SKU 715501-KM Alemite


Alemite Centralized Lubrication - Injectors - Al-1 Injector Accessories and Repair Kits

  • Alemite Grease Injectors provide precise, automated lubrication with a wide range of lubrication adjustment, providing the ability to add or remove lubrication points without redesigning the system.
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Part Number Description
387780 CLS 1000 Controller
387449-2 3 Way Solenoid Valve, 115 VAC
387449-3 3 Way Solenoid Valve, 24 VDC
340098 Pressure Switch - In-line 250 PSI Falling - 3,000 PSI Rising
382600 Pressure Vent Valve
715599 Bleeder Fitting (Al-1)
715501-KS AL-1 Seal Repair Kit
715501-KM AL-1 Injector Overhaul Kit
712000 SP Bypass Block
90537 Injector Cover (Pkg)