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Welcome to Wholesale Belting Parts done right.

570K8 V- Ribbed V- Belt - 8 Ribs - K - 1.120" Total Width - 57" O. C.

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Original price $38.27
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Current price $34.44
SKU 570K8 Bestorq
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V-Ribbed Belts - K Style

  • Molded Rib V-Ribbed belts are ideal for high speed, and/or high drive ratio applications. They offer smooth, vibration-free performance in a single, compact drive belt. The belts are made of heat and abrasion resistant materials for long belt life. The ribs are truncated for maximum flexibility, reduced heat buildup and longer belt life. The truncated ribs will not allow the belt to bottom out in the sheave grooves increasing traction and reducing slip. The truncated ribs allow the belt to better tolerate debris in the sheave grooves. The thinner total belt section increases the energy efficiency of the belts.
  • The belts feature high temperature synthetic rubber polymer throughout. The ribs and back of the belt are precisely molded for smooth, clean and vibration free operation. The ribs contain fiber reinforcement in the rubber for excellent wear resistance and long belt life. The rubber directly surrounding the tensile member cables is compounded for great adhesion to the tensile member cords.
  • The helically wound tensile cords are specially engineered, twisted, heat and chemically set, polyester material. Testing has proven that the tensile decay properties of the cord are truly World Class.
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Optimizing Your Belt Drive Efficiency:

Part Number Number of Ribs Total Width
Outside Circumference (O.C.)
340K7 7 0.980" 34"
340K8 8 1.120" 34"
450K6 6 0.840" 45"
515K8 8 1.120" 51.5"
537K6 6 0.840" 53.7"
550K8 8 1.120" 55"
560K6 6 0.840" 56"
570K8 8 1.120" 57"
615K6 6 0.840" 61.5"
620K8 8 1.120" 62"
626K8 8 1.120" 62.6"
650K8 8 1.120" 65"
663K8 8 1.120" 66.3"
680K8 8 1.120" 68"
685K5 5 0.700" 68.5"
700K8 8 1.120" 70"
702K8 8 1.120" 70.2"
710K6 6 0.840" 71"
710K8 8 1.120" 71"
740K8 8 1.120" 74"
910K6 6 0.840" 91"
915K6 6 0.840" 91.5"
927K6 6 0.840" 92.7"
930K6 6 0.840" 93"
935K6 6 0.840" 93.5"
955K6 6 0.840" 95.5"
960K6 6 0.840" 96"
1005K8 8 1.120" 100.5"
1020K8 8 1.120" 102"