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339706 Alemite Autolube-BTX System Component - 12 Port without EOCS (DPS Block)

by Alemite
SKU 339706 Alemite


Alemite Centralized Lubrication - Auto Lube-BTX System Components

  • The Alemite Autolube-BTX is an automated grease lubrication system that is compact, simple to install, and easy to use. The Autolube-BTX precisely delivers small amounts of lubricant at programmed intervals to multiple bearing points during machine operation. It can be used as a stand alone single point system, or as a pump and reservoir for a series progressive system..
  • Built in controller continuously monitors system operation and controls lubrication cycle
  • Low level control, cycle indication and external alarm relay output
  • Ability to vary grease output for each lubrication point
  • Delivers up to 30 lubrication points
  • Piston pump delivers 0.08 oz. (0.147 in3 or 2.4cc/minute) of lubricant at up to 3,500 PSI. Includes 2,300 PSI maximum pressure relief valve fixed to the pump (not pictured).

Part Number Description
339724 Relief Valve - 2,300 PSI maximum adjustment
339777 Filter
339981 6 port with EOCS (DPX Block)
339982 8 port with EOCS (DPX Block)
339983 10 port with EOCS (DPX Block)
339984 12 port with EOCS (DPX Block)
339781 6 port without EOCS (DPX Block)
339782 8 port without EOCS (DPX Block)
339783 10 port without EOCS (DPX Block)
339784 12 port without EOCS (DPX Block)
339705 6 port without EOCS (DPS Block)
339706 12 port without EOCS (DPS Block)
339707 18 port without EOCS (DPX Block)
339763 6 port with EOCS (DPS Master only)
339764 12 port with EOCS (DPS Master only)
339765 18 port without EOCS (DPS Master only))
393750 Fault Indicator Kits
340369 Check Valve, 1/8" Outlet