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1966-AS2 Alemite Stainless Steel Passivated Finish Aerospace Fitting - Straight 1/4"-28 Taper (SAE-LT) - Finish: Passivated

by Alemite
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SKU 1923-AS3 Alemite

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Pieces


Alemite Aerospace Fittings - Stainless Steel - Passivated Finish


  • Alemite Aerospace (AS) Fittings are designed specifically to meet requirements for performance and consistency which are imperative in aircraft and other critical use applications. Alemite AS Fittings meet the stringent requirements of SAE AS 35411, which include performance tests, extensive documentation and complete traceability of materials. The AS 35411 specification supersedes previous Military Specification MIL-F-3541. Look for the Alemite "AS Fitting Notch" on the neck of the fitting.
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Part Number AS Part# Supersedes MS # NSN# Material Finish Configuration Thread Boeing Part # NAS Part#
1966-AS2 AS15720-1 MS-15720-1 NA 303 SS Passivated Straight 1/4"-28 Taper (SAE-LT) NA NA
1968-AS2 AS15720-2 MS-15720-2 NA 304 SS Passivated 45 deg. 1/4"-28 Taper(SAE-LT) NA NA
1969-AS2 AS15720-3 MS-15720-3 NA 305 SS Passivated 90 deg. 1/4"-28 Taper(SAE-LT) NA NA
1961-AS3 AS15721-1 MS-15721-1 4730009725789 306 SS Passivated Straight 1/8"-PTF-SAE Special Extra Short NA NA
1921-AS2 AS15721-3 MS-15721-3 NA 307 SS Passivated 30 deg. 1/8"-PTF-SAE Special Short NA NA
1922-AS2 AS15721-4 MS-15721-4 NA 308 SS Passivated 65 deg. 1/8"-PTF-SAE Special Short NA NA
1923-AS2 AS15721-5 MS-15721-5 4730002013243 309 SS Passivated 90 deg. 1/8"-PTF-SAE Special Short NA NA