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190EST by Flexco | #20119 | Bolt Fasteners | 300 Series Stainless Top Plates, Balance Steel | Box of 25

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SKU 190EST Flexco #20119
Unit Price: $8.02 per EA
Package Quantity: 25 EA
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Flexco Bolt Solid Plate Fastening System - Box of 25 Pieces

25 Fastener Sets

Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate fasteners are engineered to meet the demands of the toughest material handling applications, providing a strong, sift-free splice with superior holding ability. A choice of sizes accommodates belts from 3/16" (5 mm) to over 15/16" (24 mm) thick.

High strength is the result of superior design and plate compression on both the top and bottom sides of the belt. High tensile strength bolts compress top and bottom plates to distribute splice tension evenly across the entire width of each fastener plate. For added strength and pullout resistance, specially formed teeth penetrate deep into the belt carcass - without damaging carcass fibers.

Field-proven templets, punches, and boring tools make it easy to quickly and accurately prepare belts for fastener installation. Fasteners are easily installed on-site using portable hand tools or power tools. Our exclusive piloted bolts also contribute to faster installation.

Each Box Contains:
  • 25 Fastener Sets
  • Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone, Grain, Coal, Cement, Salt
  • Exclusive Piloted Bolts: Tapered tips that cradle nuts securely in place. (Reduces installation time.)
  • The only tools needed for Bolt Solid Plate fastener installation are a templet and portable hand or power tools such as wrenches and belt punches. Impact wrench driven power tools are recommended and can reduce installation time by at least 50%.
  • Boxes of 100 Sets are also available

Part Number Material
1-1/2E Steel
1-1/2EMA MegAlloy/Balance Steel
1-1/2EMAP All MegAlloy
1-1/2ES Stainless Steel
140E Steel
140EMA MegAlloy/Balance Steel
140EMAP All MegAlloy
140ES Stainless Steel
190E Steel
190EMA MegAlloy/Balance Steel
190EMAP All MegAlloy
190ES Stainless Steel
1E Steel
2-1/2E Steel
2-1/4E Steel
2-1/4EMA MegAlloy/Balance Steel
2-1/4EMAP All MegAlloy
2-1/4ES Stainless Steel
2E Steel
2EMA MegAlloy/Balance Steel
2EMAP All MegAlloy
2ES Stainless Steel
140EP Promal Top Plates, Balance Steel
1-1/2EP Promal Top Plates, Balance Steel
2EP Promal Top Plates, Balance Steel
140EST 300 Series Stainless Top Plates, Balance Steel
190EST 300 Series Stainless Top Plates, Balance Steel
1-1/2EST 300 Series Stainless Top Plates, Balance Steel
2EST 300 Series Stainless Top Plates, Balance Steel
2-1/4EST 300 Series Stainless Top Plates, Balance Steel
2-1/4ERCT 1/8" Rubber-Covered Top Plate, Balance Steel

Please use this chart to determine your Lace needs:
Belt Thickness
Minimum Pulley
1 3/16" - 7/16" 12"
140 3/16" - 7/16" 14"
190 5/16" - 9 1/16" 18"
1-1/2 7/16" - 11/16" 18"
2 9/16" - 13/16" 30"
2-1/4 9/16" - 13/16" 36"
2-1/2 3/4" - 1" 42"
3 15/16" & over 48"