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096105 Markal Welding Marker - Silver-Streak & Red-Riter Combo Welders Pencils 3pk - (Carded) (Case of 12)

$30.56 (Unit Price: $2.54 each)
SKU 096105 La-Co Markal | 12 |


La-Co / Markal - Welding Markers - Silver-Streak & Red-Riter Welders Pencils
  • Markal Silver-Streak and Red-Riter welders pencils make torch-resistant marks that will not burn or rub off like soapstone. Ideal for fine line marking during metal layout and fabrication, these highly visible marks illuminate when cutting or welding.
  • Welding
  • Metal fabrication
  • Ship building and repair
  • Bridge fabrication
  • Construction
Surface Uses:
  • Steel and iron
  • Aluminum
  • Reflective lead illuminates when cutting or welding for improved visibility.
  • The soapstone alternative: marks resists torch flames; will not rub, burn or blow off.
  • Durable marks will not scratch or abrade metal surfaces.
  • Available in two highly visible colors: red for aluminum or other bright metals, silver for darker surfaces.
  • High-strength, hex-shaped pencil reduces barrel roll unlike competitive brands.
  • Pre-sharpened pencils can be easily resharpened with any standard pencil sharpener.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Part Number Description Quantity
096100 Red-Riter Welders Pencils Case of 72
096101 Silver-Streak Welders Pencils Case of 72
Carded Packages
096105 Silver-Streak & Red-Riter Combo Welders Pencils 3pk Case of 12 (Carded)