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061212 All-Weather HC Paintstik Livestock Marker - Fluorescent Pink - (Case of 144)

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La-Co / Markal - Livestock Markers - All-Weather HC Paintstik
  • The All-Weather HC Paintstik is a livestock marker specially formulated to withstand the higher temperatures found in extreme hot climates. The solid paint in stick form will effectively mark livestock in a wide range of temperatures from 40°F to 130°F. The non-toxic paint is safe for use on all types of livestock including dairy and beef cattle, hogs, and sheep. Available in eight colors to meet all your marking needs.
Surface Uses:
  • Ideal for tail chalking dairy cows for heat detection.
  • Marking hogs and pigs for inoculations, sorting, breeding and identification.
  • Beef cattle for sorting, health management and identification.
  • Sheep for sorting and identification.
  • Special paint formula to withstand hotter summer temperatures.
  • Real paint for longer lasting identification.
  • Resists water and weather.
  • Non-toxic, safe for all livestock.
  • Marks on wet or dry animals.
  • Made in the U.S.A

Part Number Color Quantity
061212 Fluorescent Pink Case of 144
061216 Fluorescent Green Case of 144
061222 Red Case of 144
061224 Orange Case of 144
061225 Blue Case of 144
061226 Green Case of 144