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011475 La-Co Oyltite-Stik - (Case of 24)

$284.48 (Unit Price: $11.85 each)
SKU 011475 La-Co Markal


La-Co / Markal - Chemicals - Repair Sealants - Oyltite-Stik
  • For fast temporary repair on small engine leaks, use Oyltite-Stik. It stops oil and gasoline leaks without the need for equipment draining. Use Oyltite-Stik on low-pressure gas tanks, oil tanks, and more.
  • Repair
Surface Uses:
  • Gasoline tanks
  • Fuel oil tanks
  • Transmissions and oil-filled transformers
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Pressure to 15 PSI (1 BAR).
  • Stops leaks fast for temporary repair of oil and gasoline leaks.
  • Apply directly to the fuel tank without draining, less time is spent stopping the leak.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Part Number Quantity
011475 Case of 24