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We are open, taking calls, processing orders, and shipping as normal. Stock levels and lead times are normal.
We are open, taking calls, processing orders, and shipping as normal. Stock levels and lead times are normal.

How to select the best conveyor belt lace.

Assuming you have chosen the right belting before selecting your lace, the following bullet point items should be considered when selecting the right lace. If you are experiencing an issue with lace failure due to factors other than age/life expectancy, consider the following key points and have us consult for a better solution.

Conveyor Belt Tension

Conveyor Belt Thickness

Material Requirements

Smallest Pulley Diameter


All Belting on BeltSmart has a recommended lace to use for that Belting.

Simply find the belting you use and scroll down to the recommended lace section of the detail description. 

The following are lace options for conveyor Belt

Belt Thickness

Belt Tension

Min Pulley Diameter


Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate Fastening System

3/16" - 1-3/16"

150 PIW - 620 PIW  

12" - 48"  


Flexco® Bolt Hinged Fastening System

1/4" - 5/8"  

190 PIW - 300 PIW 

6" - 9" 


Flexco® Rivet Solid Plate Fastening System

7/32" - 15/16"  

400 PIW - 800 PIW  

14" - 36" 


Flexco® Rivet Hinged Fastening System

1/8" - 1"  

330 PIW - 2000 PIW  

5" - 42"  


Flexco® Staple Fastening System

7/32" - 9/16" 

650 PIW - 800 PIW  

9" - 12"


Clipper® Wire Hook Fastening System

Up thru 25/64" 

200 PIW  

15/16" - 7"  


Clipper® G Series Fastening System

.059" - .197"  

100 PIW  

1.6" - 3.0"  


Clipper® Laundry Patch Fastening System


Not Applicable  



Alligator® Staple Fastening System

1/16" - 1/4"  

100 PIW - 200 PIW  

2" - 4"  


Alligator® Lacing Fastening System

Up thru 1/2"  

150 PIW - 620 PIW  

1" - 14"  


Alligator® Rivet Fastening System

13/64" - 15/64"  

300 PIW  

Alligator® Spiral Lace Fastening System

1/16" - 3/16"  

50 PIW  

3/8" - 5/8"  

Alligator® Plastic Rivet Fastening System

Up thru 1/8"  

40 PIW - 65 PIW 

1-1/2" - 3"  

Flexco M ockup

Current Flexco Catalog

Want to know more?  Click the image of the catalog to download the latest PDF Flexco catalog.

Contains all tools, products, lace, and support products for the Flexco Conveyor Belt Lace Splicing systems. 

Flexco is the #1 Belt Fastener in the world and is used in more applications than any other company.


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