Minet MS 25 Antimagnetic Stainless Fastener, 0.138" - 0.295" Belt Thickness

MS 25 Antimagnetic Stainless Minet


Minet Lacing Technology - MS® Fasteners - MS® 25 - Antimagnetic Stainless

Fasteners avaialble in 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60", 72", and 120" Lengths

  • MS® is a metal fastener, heavy duty belts with self-tapping screws.
  • No need, pre-drilling the belt or placing a template, the screws drill smoothly through the belt (thickness from 0.138" to 0.709").
  • Can be installed over a wide range of minimum pulley diameters from 2.952" to 17.717".
  • Can be installed on belts which are mechanically rated up to 7137.684 in/lb.
  • MS® in stainless steel allows the joining of the food industry and belt with a magnet.
  • ***Screws and Pins sold Separately from Fastners.***
  • The installation of MS® fasteners require only a powered screwdriver (battery or pneumatic).
  • Economic (no investment, complex tooling).
  • Safer (it is so easy to install that safety is at a minimum, far less risk than a fastener installed with a hammer).
  • Screws tightly and strongly clamp the belt.
  • The connecting pin (diameter 0.157" to 0.394") is made of galvanized steel or of non magnetic 316 stainless steel covered by nylon.
  • Quickly installed = shortened breakdown repair time.
  • No pre-drilling / no template.
  • Installed by screwing directly.
  • Rubber belts can be repaired and back to work immediately.
  • Can be installed closer to the carcass after rubber covers are skived off.
  • Turn fastener upside down, a more leakproof and longlife.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Perforated, ease of separation, troughing.
  • Friendly, the belt with less penetration points.
  • May install the pin prior to the fastener installation.
  • Good compression.
Steel Quality:
  • Galvanized Steel or Antimagnetic Stainless Steel
Installation Method:

  MS® 25 MS® 35 MS® 45 MS® 55 MS® 65
Belt Thickness (in) 0.137in to 0.295in 0.177in to 0.394in 0.197in to 0.433in 0.354in to 0.591in 0.394in to 0.709in
Mini. Pulley Ø (in) 2.953in 3.543in 4.921in 9.843in 17.717in
Max. Belt Strength (lb/in) 2569.566 lb/in 3597.393 lb/in 3711.596 lb/in 5710.147 lb/in 7137.684 lb/in
Max. Belt Tension (lb/in) 256.957 lb/in 359.739 lb/in 371.160 lb/in 571.015 lb/in 713.768 lb/in
Connecting Pin Ø (in) 0.157in 0.201in 0.256in 0.315in 0.394in
Fasteners MS 25 Galvanized Fastener
MS 25 Antimagnetic Stainless Fastener
MS 35 Galvanized Fastener
MS 35 Antimagnetic Stainless Fastener
MS 45 Galvanized Fastener
MS 45 Antimagnetic Stainless Fastener
MS 55 Galvanized Fastener MS 65 Galvanized Fastener
Screws Galvanized Steel or
Non Magnetic Stainless Steel
Galvanized Steel
Connecting Pins MS 25 BSN Pin
MS 25 SSN Pin
MS 35 BSN Pin
MS 35 SSN Pin
MS 45 BS Pin
MS 45 BSN Pin
MS 45 SS Pin
MS 45 SSN Pin
MS 55 BSN Pin
MS 55 SSN Pin
MS 65 BSN Pin
Installation With Battery or Pneumatic Screwdriver
Packaging Available in Strip up to 3 Meters Long

More Information
Part Number MS 25 Antimagnetic Stainless
Application Fasteners, Conveyor Belt
Connecting Pin Diameter 0.157in
Material Antimagnetic Stainless Steel
Max. Belt Strength 2569.566 lb/in
Max. Belt Tension 256.957 lb/in
Max. Belt Thickness 0.295"
Min. Belt Thickness 0.137"
Min. Pulley Diameter 2.953"
Series MS 25, MS Series
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