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RSC187 Flexco Alligator Installation Tool (2") - 54626

by Flexco
SKU RSC187 Flexco #54626


Flexco Alligator® Ready Set Staple System - Installation Tools

Securely holds the fasteners on the belt, in proper alignment, while staples are driven. Installs two staples simultaneously for fast, simple splicing and the tool can be moved rapidly along the belt as staples are installed. Also provides a solid anvil surface for initial clinching of the staples.

The RSC187 tools come complete with guide blocks and drivers and are available in a variety of widths. Wider tools are available for production lacing and fabrication shop requirements.

  • Package and Parts Conveying, Food and Sanitary Contact, Agricultural Harvesting and Handling, Recycling and Scrap Handling, Wood Products
  • Alligator Ready Set installation is easy with a portable, lightweight application tool that can be carried to the job for on-site installation. Simply fit the fastener strip onto the belt end and secure with the special installation tool, then drive and finish set the staples for a strong, long-lasting splice.
  • Alligator Ready Set Tool Kits are also available.
  • RSTK4-6 (6"/150 mm) Alligator Ready Set Tool Kit
  • RSTK4-12 (12"/300 mm) Alligator Ready Set Tool Kit

Part Number Tool Size
RSC187 2"
RSC187-4 4"
RSC187-6 6"
RSC187-12 12"
RSC187-24 24"