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RS125SJ24/600NCS Flexco Alligator Ready Set Staple - 54555 - 24" Belt Width (316 Stainless Steel with Nylon Covered Stainless Cable Pins)

by Flexco
SKU RS125SJ24/600NCS Flexco #54555


Flexco Alligator® Ready Set Staple System

Designed for light and medium-duty synthetic carcass belting, the Alligator® Staple fastener utilizes high tensile, stainless steel staple attachment, in conjunction with an extended plate design. This design separates the point of fastener penetration from the line of belt flexing to eliminate splice fatigue at the point of belt attachment.

Staple fasteners are furnished in strips with a bridge between each fastener plate. This strip design minimizes the chance of individual parts dislodging into the conveyed product. The one-piece design provides a stronger splice, greater resistance to impact damage, and a smoother, unrippled joint that simplifies hinge pin insertion.

Staples are hammer driven through the fastener and belt, working between the carcass fibers without severing them. The staples are then clinched cross-wise to the belt, so that belt tension does not pull against the staples to unclinch them.

Each Set Contains:
  • 4 Fastener Sets
  • 4 Hinge Pins
  • Required Amount of Retaining Washers
  • Package and Parts Conveying, Food and Sanitary Contact, Agricultural Harvesting and Handling, Recycling and Scrap Handling, Wood Products
  • Features a one-piece fastener strip with pre-inserted staples, reducing installation time by eliminating the need to handle and load individual staples.
  • Alligator Ready Set installation is easy with a portable, lightweight application tool that can be carried to the job for on-site installation. Simply fit the fastener strip onto the belt end and secure with the special installation tool, then drive and finish set the staples for a strong, long-lasting splice.
  • RSC187 Alligator Installation Tool (2")
  • RSC187-4 Alligator Installation Tool (4")
  • RSC187-6 Alligator Installation Tool (6")
  • RSC187-12 Alligator Installation Tool (12")
  • RSC187-24 Alligator Installation Tool (24")
Other Available Components:

Fastener Size Belt Thickness
Minimum Pulley
RS62 1/16" - 1/8" 2"
RS125 1/8" - 3/16" 3"
RS187 3/16 - 1/4" 4"

Belt Width Steel with Nylon Covered
Steel Pin
SS with Stainless Spring
Wire Pin
SS with Nylon
Covered Stainless Cable Pin
12" RS125J12/300NC RS125SJ12/300SS RS125SJ12/300NCS
14" N/A N/A RS125SJ14NCS
16" RS125J16/400NC N/A N/A
18" RS125J18/450NC RS125SJ18/450SS RS125SJ18/450NCS
24" RS125J24/600NC RS125SJ24/600SS RS125SJ24/600NCS
30" RS125J30/750NC RS125SJ30/750SS RS125SJ30/750NCS
36" RS125J36/900NC RS125SJ36/900SS N/A
42" RS125J42NC RS125SJ42SS RS125SJ42NCS
48" RS125J48NC RS125SJ48SS RS125SJ48NCS
60" RS125J60NC RS125SJ60SS RS125SJ60NCS
12" RS187J12/300NC RS187SJ12/300SS RS187SJ12/300NCS
18" RS187J18/450NC RS187SJ18/450SS RS187SJ18/450NCS
24" RS187J24/600NC RS187SJ24/600SS RS187SJ24/600NCS
30" RS187J30/750NC RS187SJ30/750SS RS187SJ30/750NCS
36" RS187J36/900NC RS187SJ36/900SS RS187SJ36/900NCS
42" RS187J42NC RS187SJ42SS RS187SJ42NCS
48" RS187J48NC RS187SJ48SS RS187SJ48NCS
60" RS187J60NC RS187SJ60SS RS187SJ60NCS
12" RS62J12/300NC N/A RS62SJ12/300NCS
18" RS62J18/450NC RS62SJ18/450SS RS62SJ18/450NCS
24" RS62J24/600NC RS62SJ24/600SS RS62SJ24/600NCS
30" RS62J30/750NC RS62SJ30/750SS RS62SJ30/750NCS
36" RS62J36/900NC RS62SJ36/900SS RS62SJ36/900NCS
42" RS62J42NC RS62SJ42SS N/A
48" RS62J48NC RS62SJ48SS RS62SJ48NCS
60" RS62J60NC RS62SJ60SS RS62SJ60NCS